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Schools gain cloud confidence

Katie Kilfoyle Remis
February, 2016
At Mountain Brook Schools in Alabama, Technology Director Donna Williamson, left, and her tech team still use their on-site server because they didn’t see savings with the cloud.

A convergence of market maturity, increased availability of high-capacity bandwidth and a track record of security has more K12 districts trusting their mission-critical administrative software to the cloud.

Schools maximize free content

Jessica Terrell
February, 2016
Sorting through online resources can be a challenge for districts seeking free comprehensive curriculum or teachers simply searching for supplemental lesson material.

When Tullahoma City Schools administrators started shopping for new social studies textbooks in 2013, they found only a few options aligned to new Tennessee state standards. Rather than wait for newer textbooks to be released, the district embarked on the ambitious project of creating its own.

Administrators battle threats from anonymous apps

Alison DeNisco
February, 2016
The app After School allows teenage students to post on an anonymous message board specific to their school.

Anonymous apps popular among high school students continue to create problems for administrators looking to root out cyberbullying and threats of violence.

Smarter school spaces

Mackenzie Ryan
February, 2016
Laguna Beach High School students in an environmental science/STEM classroom gather in a Socratic circle to discuss ideas and opinions. They change configurations daily, made possible in part by moving desks. It’s part of the Laguna Beach USD plan to shift learning spaces.

The way schools across the country use space has changed. The growing number of administrators now building and renovating education spaces have made student experience a top priority. Educators seek new designs that accommodate collaboration along with 1-to-1 programs and other technology initiatives

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