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The Kent School District in Washington has more diversity in its student body, greater achievement and better technology, in major part due to Superintendent Edward Lee Vargas.
Ed Finkel
As the “globe” walks into this district, STEM and language programs are strengthened
Utah elementary school students spend half their instructional time in English and half in a world language.
Angela Pascopella
State stresses bilingualism as sure route to work and careers around the globe
John Micklos Jr.
District using Rosetta Stone and Middlebury Interactive to boost language learning
“The Heart of Matter," by Commission on the Humanities and Social Sciences, says competing nations are focusing on humanities.
Matt Zalaznick
“The Heart of Matter” urges educators to keep literature, foreign languages, history, art, and civics as priorities

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Classroom interaction, combined with online activities, can greatly accelerate the learning process and reduce the time to English language proficiency for ESL students
The principles of successful digital integration into classroom instruction are at work in Wade King Elementary School