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Superintendent Debbi C. Burdick has brought her Arizona district's state ranking up to fifth out of 227.
Ariana Rawls Fine
Superintendent Debbi C. Burdick boosts student achievement with world languages
St. Paul Public Schools has a large population of Hmong students, many of whom participate in a dual-language immersion program to learn their heritage language.
Alison DeNisco
Community demand often leads schools to add classes in less-common languages, such as Hmong, Arabic, Hindi and Swahili
Houston ISD’s new Arabic language immersion school will join the district’s Spanish and Mandarin programs.
Alison DeNisco
After Spanish, Arabic is the second-most common non-English language spoken at home for families in the district
An image from  Rourke Educational Media's "Symbols of Freedom."
Ariana Rawls Fine
Focus on current events, immersion and business simulations added to curriculums

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Classroom interaction, combined with online activities, can greatly accelerate the learning process and reduce the time to English language proficiency for ESL students
The principles of successful digital integration into classroom instruction are at work in Wade King Elementary School