Industry News

LanSchool 7.8.1 released with Chromebook enhancements and student privacy feature

The LanSchool Connection Service in the newest release of Stoneware, Inc.'s classroom management software now supports up to 10,000 connections and will auto direct students and teachers. The Chromebook extension has also been upgraded to include other LanSchool features.

Major update launched for Transparent Language's learning system

The new Transparent Language Online includes new features such as a fresh interface, practice activities and customized guidance.

Kindergarten readiness software debuted by Hatch Early Learning

Shell Squad Adventures is a new kindergarten readiness software that combines automated progression rules with advanced gaming functionality to teach preschoolers 18 core early literacy and math skills.

New compact digital keypad lock for office furniture introduced

The latest edition to Codelocks' KitLock range of electronic push-button locksthe NANO90—is a new lock based on the company’s cabinet lock, but with a much smaller footprint.

New partnership helps Texas schools offer required summer program

Texas Educational Solutions and StudyDog are teaming up to offer Texas schools a summer program to prepare Limited English Proficient (LEP) students for kindergarten and first grade reading. Schools are required by the state to offer LEP programs over the summer recess.

Test prep website launches new section

The free Practice Quiz resources blog section complements subject learning by providing a range of content to help test-takers succeed on test day and in pursuing their careers through education and professional programs.

School features expanded by TabPilot

TabPilot debuted new features for itsTablet Manager MDM suite's iOS version. WIth the new classroom features, teachers can distribute content to iPads for student access through the TabPilot File Locker app. IT administrators can now distribute certificates often needed by school web filters.

Powerful portable sound system to launch

The Bigfoot Line Array is a loud, powerful, battery-powered portable sound system designed by Anchor Audio, Inc. to provide a portable solution for large events.

ParentSquare adds one-to-one messaging

The launch of a new one-to-one messaging feature is designed to establish private two-way messaging between schools and parents that can be accessed from email, text messages and mobile apps.

New Google Classroom features released

Google has announced teacher-focused updates to its Classroom mobile application. Teachers can now create, grade and post assignments and announcements as well as offer students private feedback.