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Merger could create Georgia's top dual enrollment program

Moultrie Technical College and Southwest Georgia Technical College will be doing more than merging campuses, staffs and administrations this summer. When that happens, the new college will boast some of the highest dual enrollment numbers in Georgia with over 1,000 high school students.

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Technology could eliminate snow days

The concept of holding class online when bad weather strikes is gaining traction nationwide as more school districts provide take-home technology to students in 1-to-1 programs.

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House supports letting S.D. districts levy tax for tech schools

South Dakota school districts could help fund public technical institutes by earmarking a fraction of the capital-outlay taxes they otherwise spend on their own buildings and programs, under a plan endorsed by the state House of Representatives.

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How to close the STEM skills gap

STEM fields will present graduates with the most job prospects and highest earnings. However, there is a disconnect between who teaches those subjects, how they are taught and how they are applied in the real world, says Vince Bertram, formerly superintendent of Indiana’s third-largest urban school district, and now president of Project Lead The Way.

Washington citizens back STEM education in schools

Ninety-four percent of Washington voters believe every child should have access to a high quality STEM education in the state’s K12 public schools, but just 45 percent believe schools are delivering, according to a new poll from Washington STEM.

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Georgia district requests over $30 million for tech upgrades

At $34 million, technology upgrades are the second-most expensive of the 24 proposed capital projects that the Muscogee County School District's administration wants to fund. The district is asking voters to approve funding to upgrade and replace outdated computers, increase Internet connectivity, and invest in distance learning and emerging technologies.

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Idaho Senate endorses stopgap funding for school internet

The Senate has voted for an emergency funding bill for school broadband services. The measure sends $3.64 million to the state superintendent to distribute to school districts, either as reimbursements or advances, to pay for broadband internet service for the rest of the current school year.

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Two Hawaii schools selected for lunar project with NASA

Students at Iolani School and Kealakehe High School are teaming up with NASA on a lunar experiment. NASA developed the electrodynamic dust shield to repel pesky planetary dust that gathers on space gear. The project involves NASA, the two schools, the Pacific International Space Center for Exploration Systems and a Google Lunar XPRIZE team.

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Designing games as a career path

A magnet program in computer game design draws career-focused high school students from across Florida’s sprawling Hillsborough County school system. Middleton Magnet High School houses four STEM programs, including the Academy of Computer Game Design.

Schools enter age of student IT

A cadre of students trained in IT support are bolstering the responsiveness of districts’ help desks. The students provide an inexpensive and much-needed tech resource while gaining experience, new skills and confidence.