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The business of e-payments

There are six decisions a district leader must make when accepting electronic payments from parents—which is one step for districts in going paperless. Many school systems have had vendors set up secure online portals where parents can pay for AP courses, lunches and field trips, among other items.

Blended learning pilot means a new role for teachers in Memphis

Shelby County Schools in Tennessee is looking to blended learning to help schools reach an ambitious set of goals that includes having 80 percent of its high school graduates college- and career-ready by 2025. The program will be piloted in 16 Memphis schools next year.

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Zuckerberg, Chan donate $5 million to Bay Area schools for technology and more

Mark Zuckerberg and and his wife, Priscilla Chan, are donating 120 million to Bay Area schools through the Startup:Education fund. The first $5 million will go toward classroom technology and other projects in San Francisco, Ravenswood and Redwood City school districts.

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Pennsylvania school library purges 13,000 books in high-tech overhaul

Students at Penn-Trafford High School made 96,000 trips to the library this school year. But as the school makes renovations, leaders are donating nearly 13,000 books in order to turn the library into more of a media center. It is part of a schoolwide trend of de-emphasizing hard-copy books, with students accessing books and other information online.

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Texas district wins approval to open early college tech high school

The Texas Education Agency has sanctioned the opening of an early college technology high school as part of Mission CISD. The authorization to open the new school comes with a $305,000 grant. The school, which will be called Mission Early College Career Tech, will launch in August with 100 students.

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Video feature gives yearbooks a high-tech upgrade

There is no doubt that high school yearbooks have come a long way over the years. The 2014 Pine Richland High School yearbook is filled with photos, memorable moments and video. To play the nearly two dozen videos in the book, students have to download a free app, then hold a smartphone or tablet over the photos.

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New Tech Academy is a "school within a school" in California

New Tech Academy is a program for all students that has been incorporated within the Los Gatos High School's campus. The New Tech curriculum takes an integrated approach to core subject content delivery, with at least one class per year being an interdisciplinary, team-taught course. Another aspect of the program that resonates with students is the use of technology to facilitate learning.

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Tech project changed how we view our librarians

Project Connect is a panel of school leaders from Lincoln Public Schools in Nebraska working to connect the library, classroom and administration through information technologies. Learning to collaborate and merge skills and expertise is crucial to ensuring the right resources are in place in order to create change and provide the best learning environments for the students.

Cadaver lab gives students in-depth STEM experience

A lab where advanced biology students get a hands-on experience of medical science by dissecting human bodies is available to seven Illinois high schools. The hope is the program, the first of its kind in the state, will encourage students to explore medicine, dentistry or other STEM fields

High tech football helmets to debut this fall in East Tennessee

Helmets worn by six Greenback high school students will provide coaches with real-time data about significant hits. Sensors inside pads in the helmet will send information to a handheld monitor, showing coaches which player was involved, where on the head they were hit and the speed of the collision.

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