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Technical education developed differently in Delaware, Iowa

In Delaware, technical high school districts in each county draw students from comprehensive school systems. Iowa students cannot choose a technical high school over their local comprehensive school system. As a result, there will be no extra state funding for the added expense of any new technical programs at Waterloo Community Schools.

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Seven Arizona schools share tech grants

Several Tucson-area schools will receive more than $31,000 in grants to fund innovative technology projects. The seven schools were named winners of the CenturyLink Clarke M. Williams Foundation’s Teachers and Technology grant program. The award recognizes teachers who have developed specific plans to innovatively implement technology in the classroom.

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Blue Ridge implements new tech program

The Illinois district's board of education has approved a new technology program designed to prepare students for the technological changes happening at the collegiate and professional level. The pilot program will also include training for parents and lend computers to students who don't have devices at home.

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Pennsylvania students "blast off" after space program saved

The current mission of Northeast High School, the first NASA-recognized high school space program, was nearly aborted because of education budget cuts in its Philadelphia school district. With more than $13,000 in crowdfunding donations, the high school's Project SPARC was able to launch its annual two-day simulated moon habitat mission.

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Package of bills in favor of New Jersey vo-tech schools

Eight bills were introduced in New Jersey that aim to promote vo-tech programs and their missions, some with funding, others with encouragement. One bill would provide facilities funding for vo-tech districts. Another would start to restore funding for adult high schools and post-secondary programs that were cut over the last five years.

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Illinois district approves $1 million tech plan

Alton School District's Board of Education approved a $1 million lease agreement to purchase about 3,200 Google Chromebooks for student use and 220 laptops for teachers. The district had already been on a one-to-one system at some grade levels, but the new agreement will allow the program to be districtwide.

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New York City vows to expand tech programs hatched by Bloomberg

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio said the city will continue the planned expansion of a Bloomberg-era pilot program where students learn about computer programming, robotics and web design. He also promised to open more technology-focused schools, including six-year high schools.

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Bullying drives districts to block new social media app

High schools in Connecticut and Texas have blocked a new social media app, “Gaggle-Local Message Board,” from school Wi-Fi servers after several reports of cyberbullying. They discovered that students were using the app, which is not associated with the Gaggle education platform, to ridicule classmates and teachers.

Robots revolutionize STEM in schools

The new breed of robots rolling, dancing and flying into classrooms is giving educators at all grade levels an engaging new tool to fire students’ enthusiasm for math, computer programming and other STEM-related subjects.

Michigan University creates robotics center for high school students

An old gymnasium at Kettering University is being transformed into a FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) Community Center, which will house eight high school robotics teams. There, the teams can build robots, practice, collaborate with other teams, and get assistance from professors and students from the college.

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