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The Top 100

The District Chioce Awards 2003

Every once in a while, it's good to take a step back and look at the bigger picture. Working day-to-day, whether at a magazine or a school district, can be akin to living with young children. Each day they grow, both physically and mentally, yet it's others who typically notice the leaps because the change from day to day can be so incremental.

It may be the same way with education products. Sure, if we polled readers on trends you would probably accurately identify the dual impact of No Child Left Behind and the continuing budget struggles of seemingly every state in the nation. But a quick look through the hardware section, for instance, shows the explosion of items that a few years ago were firmly in the exotic category. High-end projectors, powerful handhelds and interactive whiteboards have all integrated themselves nicely into K-12 education, helping innovative educators improve the way students are taught.

This is District Administration's 16th annual Top 100 list. For the first time, we highlighted the top four picks from each category: Hardware; Software; Internet; and Books. You'll find the top four profiled throughout each section, surrounded by an alphabetical list of other winners.

Thanks to all the readers, edit board members, and especially our varied staff (Laura Dianis, Melissa Ezarik, Angela Pascopella, Gary Stager, Gil Dyrli and Terian Tyre) for helping us again compile the great list that follows.