District leaders: Do your students practice accelerated learning?

Accelerated learning is more successful in closing math-related learning gaps compared to remediated learning, according to research.

Odds are, monkeypox won’t disrupt your schools…but COVID still might

Monkeypox is making headlines but health experts say school leaders shouldn't worry about the infection becoming as disruptive as COVID.

Academic recovery strategies are working, according to new data

Data from the 2022 School Pulse Panel highlights the work schools are doing to improve student academic achievement.

Teachers prefer using mastery learning to close learning gaps

A recent study by Khan Academy provides another potential solution for closing pandemic-related learning gaps.

Tutoring is tops for academic recovery. Can schools make it work?

A big rebound in student confidence was a surprise benefit of tutoring in a Tennessee district aiming to fuel academic recovery.

How to get your chronically absent students to come back to school

Many administrators are relying on teachers and other staff to contact families of chronically absent students. Experts also say a focus on safety and climate will convince students to return.

Most mask mandates ended last school year. Now they are slowly returning

Much of the general public has ditched masks despite rising COVID cases but students in some districts are facing mandates as the new school year begins.

How summer math programs can improve academic success for low-income students

A new study published in the Review of Education Research points to the influence summer math programs have on countering the effects of learning loss, a product of the pandemic that has more significantly affected low-income pre-K-12 students.

New guidance from DOE addresses disciplinary practices for students with disabilities

At a time when mental health challenges have become a top priority for K-12 schools across the country, the Education Department released new guidance on discriminatory discipline practices for students with disabilities.

K-12 leaders reflect on last year, COVID’s challenges, and what’s next

Here are a few of the most important things district educators learned from the pandemic and the new initiatives they will keep as their schools bounce back.

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