Teachers win reimbursement of nearly $1 million in sick days used during pandemic

The American Federation of Teachers Local 481 in Newark filed a grievance in October 2021 after being forced to take sick days for not only being exposed to COVID-19 but also to stay home and care for loved ones even though the teachers themselves were not personally infected.

3 ways leaders can begin to reverse a widening achievement gap

The highest and lowest achievers in a typical fifth-grade classroom pre-COVID were separated by as many as seven grade levels. That has widened, new research shows.

Which states are being hit the hardest by teacher shortages right now?

Some states are better off when it comes to teacher shortages. But which states are suffering the most? According to a recent analysis, Florida has the fewest teachers compared to the state's population.

Anxiety alert: Teachers are more stressed out than frontline workers

'We would have guessed healthcare workers battling COVID-19 on the front lines during a public health crisis would display the most anxiety,' researcher says of teacher stress levels.

#Stressed: Ranking all 50 states on frustrations about education

Montana is the most stressed-out state when it comes to education concerns while South Carolina ranks last, according to a recent report from a virtual healthcare company.

How these 8 states are using federal grants to build a diverse teacher workforce

Several states have committed millions to diversifying their teacher workforce by expanding pathways into the profession. Here's how they're doing it.

Academic acceleration has hit a snag. 6 ways leaders are forging ahead

Leaders are working to tackle a range of stubborn crises while doubling down on ambitious plans for the future, a new analysis finds.

Does Virginia’s mass exodus of teachers reflect the state of education? Let’s hope not

One teacher reports having spent $1,000 of her own money for everything from library books to winter hats and gloves for her students. Then there are the issues of being short-staffed and disrespected—among other problems.

New research: COVID’s toll on learning comes with a $1 trillion price tag for students

New research suggests that as students' academic performance declines, so too will their quality of life beyond high school.

This high-tech map is helping leaders chart a course back to high achievement

Interactive Education Recovery Scorecard shows the difference between 2019 and 2022 test scores in some districts "was essentially zero" while students elsewhere fell much further behind. Scorecard should help superintendents recalibrate their plans to tackle learning loss, say the researchers at Harvard and Stanford universities who conducted the analysis.

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