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Later school start times more popular, but what are the drawbacks?

Middle and high school students need more sleep to be prepared for school. Although later school start times can help, districts should be careful in how they implement this major change to student and family schedules.

Springdale students who walked out over claims of a teacher shortage to be disciplined

Around 50 students gathered in front of the building Nov. 23 about an hour before the school day ended to bring attention to their claims about a teacher shortage and how it affects students’ education.

NYC schools pull $31M textbook contract vote after parent, teacher backlash

The Department of Education is putting a pin in a multimillion-dollar proposed textbooks contract after the Daily News reported that it offered no discount on a bulk order for the nation’s largest school system.

JCPS hopes this change will help schools in dire need of teachers

"Overall I feel that most of our problems stem from not enough adults/staff in the building. Why are we not getting help from the district with this?" one Conway teacher asked during the meeting.

Parents opposed to Reed appointment petition entire Olympia School Board to resign

An Olympia parent went on a Seattle radio talk show Tuesday to promote a petition calling for the entire Olympia School Board to resign for appointing Talauna Reed as a member.

Superintendent: Medina school bus driver arrested after driving drunk with students on board

A Medina City Schools bus driver has been fired and arrested after a random alcohol test after a bus drive determined he transported students while drunk, according to the district's superintendent.

Pennsylvania releases anti-racist guidelines as part of teacher-prep overhaul

The Pennsylvania Department of Education has released new standards that ask teachers to interrogate their biases and recognize inequality in schools and school systems, including institutional racism.

Michigan flags 112 low-performing schools for intensive intervention

Michigan’s Department of Education is requiring 112 low-performing public schools in 54 districts around the state to enter into agreements with the state to improve students’ academic performance.

Disparities persist in Wisconsin special education practices as budget battles loom

Children of color are almost twice as likely to be diagnosed with behavioral disabilities in Wisconsin schools than white children, as teachers navigate a complex system and seek more support from the state.

Tennessee gives books to young students to encourage reading

The Tennessee Department of Education announced it is partnering with the Governor’s Early Literacy Foundation to provide free books to children in kindergarten through second grade.

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