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Principals to watch: How to strengthen relationships to strengthen school climate

Principal Thomas W. Glanton Jr. can't sleep the night before school starts because he's still excited about every aspect of K-12 education.

3 superintendents to watch: Their schools are launching lifelong learners

How District Administration's latest group of "superintendents to watch" equips students with future-ready mindsets and problem-solving skills.

3 superintendents to watch: Taking care of each and every student

The emotional well-being of students is the north star for educators in Linden Public Schools, an urban district in New Jersey. What other districts call SEL has been retitled  "social-emotional cognitive growth."

Supporting the superintendent: Why this leader says collegiality is key

Director of federal programs in Mississippi district is inspired networking opportunities, visionary training at DA academy.

3 superintendents to watch: How they’re reframing the parameters of success

Bhavna Sharma-Lewis, who has been superintendent of Diamond Lake School District 76 since 2015, hosts a workshop called “What Happens When the School Board Falls Out of Love With You.”

4 ed-tech leaders to watch: They’re getting districts back to business

CIOs and other ed-tech leaders are not being left out of the K-12 recovery conversation, particularly when it comes to spending relief funds on learning and safety. 

3 superintendents to watch: Charting a new normal for education

Regularly filling in as a substitute has given Terrell ISD Superintendent Georgeanne Warnock some critical perspectives on the big picture and the small details.

3 superintendents to watch: Staying focused on long-term goals and immediate challenges

A look at three superintendents who continue to work on long-term goals even as they tackle the more immediate obstacles COVID has thrown in front of their students and staff.

4 principals to watch: Making strides in ed-tech, teacher leadership and climate

Principals have been at the forefront of rallying students, staff members, and their wider school communities throughout the upheavals of the COVID pandemic.

How principals are stepping up for their teachers as vacancies increase

The intense amount of work teachers are doing to support students through the pandemic is not sustainable. So principals across the country are giving teachers the space to refocus on why they chose the profession in the first place.

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