Student safety

Active shooter hoaxes are spreading panic. Here’s how to fight back

There are ways to spot active shooter hoaxes, but administrators must also huddle with SROs and the school community to combat the swatting trend.

Student writes of death by ants and AK-47 in ‘death notebook’

The student claims the notebook was pure fantasy, the board said in a message to parents.

Dozens of districts in Carolinas close or go remote awaiting hurricane that blasted Florida

Ian is now forecast to become a hurricane again and barrel through South Carolina and North Carolina on Friday afternoon. Several of the largest districts in the Carolinas are closed.

Student’s ‘death notebook’ was kept hidden for a year—in the principal’s desk

The notebook, inspired by a television show, contained the names of 37 classmates he allegedly wanted to kill.

Friday night plights: High school football games disrupted by shootings and gun threats

One school canceled its homecoming dance so students could "breathe, reflect and heal" after gunshots were fired during a football game.

Caught in the middle: Can schools ensure security and positive student outcomes?

Recent research has revealed a link between heightened security measures and decreased student outcomes, especially among students of color.

Why this big district is putting lifesaving Narcan in every school

After a string of student opioid overdoses, including the death of a 15-year-old girl, Los Angeles USD ramps up safety measures with Narcan.

What is swatting? A scary hoax that is putting schools on high alert

False reports of active shooters have caused lockdowns, disruptions and high anxiety at dozens of schools in several states this week.

These 3 ‘disturbing’ safety concerns are top of mind for schools

One month into the school year and we're seeing an alarming amount of gun-related threats, among other issues, according to one school safety expert.

Boston Public Schools reports its first monkeypox case

In a statement to parents, the district reports its first case of monkeypox affecting an "adult member" of the not yet identified school.

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