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Find, keep, cultivate the best teachers

Teacher quality is crucial to the success of schooling, yet the teacher-hiring process is sometimes rushed and ad hoc. A late-summer flurry of activity in which subjective factors—from where a candidate went to high school to how many resumes an exhausted principal has already reviewed—can weigh as heavily as meaningful evidence of academic achievement or instructional effectiveness.

The Business of Waste management

One student generates about five pounds of waste in 180 days from simply drinking a carton of milk each day of the school year. Add in glue bottles, old test papers and leftover lunch, and it’s no wonder schools are looking for ways to reduce both the amount of waste filling trash bins and the money spent to have it hauled away.

Tackling truancy

District leaders across the country are broadening and personalizing their approaches to attendance because the old way of sending truants and their families to court often fails to bring students back to school.

Life lessons light up science education

From designing more creative and flexible science classrooms to developing community service projects that engage girls in STEM, this year’s National Science Teachers Association conference in March is all about K12 students connecting learning to the real world.

How schools lock down student data

The increasing shift to online learning and collaboration has created new concerns around student privacy. Keeping data as secure in the cloud as it would be in a locked file cabinet requires communication, diligence and strong policies.

A-bomb project inspires STEM in Tennessee town

Oak Ridge Schools Superintendent Bruce Borchers has worked with his board and administrators, and partnered with local businesses, to create a multifaceted program to bolster STEM education. His city was founded by the U.S. government in 1943 as a secret production site for the Manhattan Project and is steeped in technology to this day.

Be A Source for Our Cybersecurity Story

District Administration wants to talk to K12 leaders who have secured their schools' internet networks and sensitive data without moving into the cloud. To share your solutions with our readers, please follow the link to contact us.

Be a source for our story: Serving homeless students

For an article in our April edition, District Administration wants to talk to K12 leaders who have found solutions to serving the unique needs of homeless students, from transportation to academics to technology. To share your experiences with our readers, please follow the link to contact us.

Education thought leaders forecast 2015 trends

Superintendents and other education experts look ahead on technology, the Common Core, college and career readiness, testing and range of other topics. Readers can add their predictions for 2015 in the comments section.

Nation’s first Arabic dual-language school to open in Houston

Instruction at the Arabic Language Immersion Magnet School will be split evenly between English and Arabic. After Spanish, Arabic is the second-most common non-English language spoken at home for families in the district.