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Snow days turn digital at more schools

Sledding hills across the country may be quieter this winter as snowstorms no longer mean a break from schoolwork. An increasing number of districts are using e-learning to keep class in session during bad weather.

Leadership lifts teachers

Although teachers have long coached colleagues and developed curriculum informally and without compensation, teacher leadership programs aim to formalize the role by instituting rigorous selection processes, training and pay.

Superintendent fights the good fight for students

You could say it’s understandable that Kent Scribner’s hobby is working on a 1985 black El Camino. Refurbishing a car takes patience, dedication and an eye for potential. Those are the same qualities this superintendent has been bringing to the Phoenix Union High School District in Arizona since taking over in 2008.

Be a source for our story on reducing truancy

District Administration wants to talk to superintendents and other district leaders who have implemented new or innovative truancy policies to improve attendance and drive learning. Story will also focus on how truancy impacts district funding. To be a source for our story, please follow the link to contact us.

Districts of Distinction: A stop to voc-ed teacher turnover

A professional development initiative created by a voc-ed program comprising three California districts is being replicated statewide because it keeps teachers in the job—and lets students learn from some of the best agents of local industry and business.

Districts of Distinction: Credit recovery boosts graduation rate

When S. Dallas Dance became superintendent of Baltimore County Public Schools in 2012, the district’s graduation rate stood at nearly 84 percent, four points above the national average. But that encouraging number masked the disparity between schools with graduation rates above 95 percent and as low as 70 percent.

Districts of Distinction: A revolution in K12 service learning

Beekeeping and raising chickens are among the projects that Maplewood Richmond Heights School District students relish. The district, which covers less than three square miles outside of St. Louis’ inner city, has brought service learning—and student achievement—to new heights.

Districts of Distinction honors K12 innovation

Nearly 50 school districts that are leading the way with innovative and effective new ideas have been named Districts of Distinction, District Administration magazine’s new tri-annual award program. The honorees, which were selected from hundreds of nominations submitted from around the country, are districts of various sizes and demographics that represent 28 states.

Do you need a residency program for your next group of teachers?

Teacher preparation programs have been criticized for not providing educators with sufficient classroom skills. But residency programs are now pairing theory with hands-on experience to give teacher candidates the skills needed to improve student achievement.

Software climbs into the cloud

The move toward personalized learning and the ability to deliver resources via the cloud are transforming the way districts purchase digital content for math, reading and other parts of the curriculum. As this landscape changes, district also are spending more on digital resources.