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Career frontiers: Voc-tech moves into the future

Career technology programs have evolved far beyond traditional woodworking, cosmetology and automotive mechanics classes of the last century. Today's students are building drones, designing robots and developing solar power.

The Business Of: Food Services

For some districts, the best way to please students and thereby increase participation is to maintain total control and keep all food service operations in-house. But some districts find outsourcing necessary to save money.

Shifting the power balance

In many states, the negotiation process between school districts and teachers unions is changing as new legislation gives administrators more freedom to pass reforms without collective bargaining.

College prep conundrum

Experts are divided on whether colleges are exercising more caution about awarding the tuition-saving credit that has been a major selling point for the Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate programs.


More states allowing armed school staff

In 2013, 21 states strengthened gun laws to require trigger-locking devices and background checks for private sales. At the same time, the National Rifle Association made a public push to allow more security guards or staff members to carry guns in schools, after 40 to 60 hours of firearms training.

Defying national trend, Minnesota increases gifted programs

The number of full-time academic programs for gifted students has grown substantially in Minnesota over the past 10 years—a rare case amid a lack of federal funding and recent cuts to similar programs nationwide.