Recognizing and Preventing Student Harm to Self and Others During Online Learning

A District Administration Web Seminar

Social and emotional safety is at the foreground of many discussions today. During this webinar, two leading university psychologists in the field of youth violence prevention at the University of Virginia and NSU Florida provide critical insights toward recognizing concerning behaviors in today’s hybrid and virtual learning environments. Dr. Cornell and Dr. Poland will also provide clarity between behavioral threat assessments and suicide assessments as the processes often merge and intersect.

Key take-aways for the audience include:

  • Ways to generate and maintain connectedness with students in a virtual or hybrid learning environment
  • Similarities and differences of behavioral threat and suicide assessments
  • Recognizing concerning behaviors in hybrid and virtual environments


Dr. Dewey Cornell
Clinical Psychologist and Professor of Education
Director of the Youth Violence Project
University of Virginia

Dr. Scott Poland
Professor at the College of Psychology
Director of the Suicide and Violence Prevention Office
NSU Florida

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