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About Schools of TechXcellence

DA is proud to introduce the Schools of TechXcellence program. This exciting K12 education recognition program honors schools that have implemented innovative, effective and replicable programs using technology to contribute meaningfully to student, instructional or operational success.

What is the potential for state-of-the-art technology in education today? Take a look at the stories of our Schools of TechXcellence honorees presented on this website and you’ll find out.

What their stories tell us is this: Innovation in education may be powered by the latest devices and applications—but it is fueled by the creativity, vision and drive of the teachers, principals and district leaders who are committed to using technology to support excellence in education.

DA’s Schools of TechXcellence program is made possible by the generous support of our partners, HP and Intel. It continues this year with a round that focuses on professional development and reading and writing initiatives.

Is your school achieving TechXcellence? Learn more about how to apply for recognition.

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