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More schools teaching students how to respond to police

Matt Zalaznick
January, 2017
DEFUSE A PROBLEM—Miami Assistant Public Defender Tammy Gray, standing at right, teaches local students about their rights when detained by police officers and how to behave to prevent encounters from escalating.

Try to stay calm. Don’t start cursing. Keep your hands off the cops. But know that you have rights—like remaining silent and taking note of witnesses. Such knowledge can prevent police interactions from escalating out of control when teenagers get pulled over or otherwise encounter law enforcement.

Marijuana legalization and its impact on schools

Jessica Terrell
January, 2017
Since Colorado legalized recreational marijuana in 2012, K12 students face suspension before expulsion when found in possession of the drug. ( Traffic_Analyzer)

Superintendents in states that passed referendums legalizing marijuana in November are pressing for more clear legal guidance on how to best address issues like drug possession. They also say more research is needed on the possible impacts of marijuana legalization on K12 academic achievement. 

Do your schools have more gifted students than you thought?

Ryan Lacey
November, 2016
Most students perform either above or below grade level—rather than on it. (Click to enlarge)

A leading gifted-and-talented expert once believed the number of students who performed above grade level was between 5 and 15 percent. But a new study shows the number is much higher.

Advocacy group offers toolkits to de-mystify ESSA

Ray Bendici
November, 2016
 Many changes under ESSA will help underserved students better prepare for post-secondary opportunities.

New series of toolkits designed to help administrators meet next-generation high school standards explains many of the ESSA law’s main components—particularly those that relate to educational funding.

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