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How to navigate yoga in schools

Ray Bendici
June, 2016

A school in Georgia made national headlines when parents opposed using yoga to help students relieve stress and increase focus. They said it promotes a Far East religion, though many practitioners disagree with that view.

Yoga mats roll out around the world

Ariana Fine
June, 2016
Students from Southern Pines Elementary School in North Carolina participated in Kids’ Yoga Day in April. (Photo: Sara Beavers)

On Kids Yoga Day this spring, children across the nation learned downward dog, the tree and the frog, among many other positions. One instructor says that students need just five minutes of bending and breathing to shed stress and re-focus on classroom instruction.

Slideshow: Schools form a circus of trust

Ariana Fine
May, 2016
Students from Native American Youth and Family Services practice backbends.

For Portland Public School students in Oregon involved in The Circus Project, tumbling, acrobatics, juggling and conditioning activities help them learn to trust each other and themselves more.

Photo Essay: Pairing soccer and poetry on a new field

Ariana Fine
March, 2016
Students at Bret Harte Elementary School in San Francisco get ready to play soccer on the new field.

Kicking a soccer ball might feel a bit like poetry—the power of your foot sending the ball curling through the air to a teammate or into the back of a net. Washington, D.C., teacher Julie Kennedy has for the past 20 years paired verse with the world’s most popular sport to provide a safe haven for thousands of urban students.

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