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The business of school air conditioning

Margo Pierce
May, 2015
Gloria Marshall Elementary School in Spring ISD in Texas has visible AC fixtures throughout the building. (Luis Ayala/US Green Building Council)

When a classroom is sweltering, nobody is productive. More and more teaching days are being lost to hot, humid weather even though there is a way to mitigate the problem: air conditioning. But the challenge is justifying the cost of installation and maintenance at a time when competition for budget money is fierce.

Safety planning: How to prepare for the worst

Michael G. Shoaf
May, 2014
Michael G. Shoaf is superintendent of Rocky River City School District.

With violent events seemingly on the rise in schools across the country, district leaders must develop fluid and thorough safety plans.

Enhancing School Access Control

Dawn Reiss
November, 2012
CIO camera

School principals are in the middle of a balancing act when it comes to security.

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