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Be a source for our voc-tech story

We want to interview leaders whose districts have partnered with local industry to enhance career and technical education programs, with an eye toward filling employment gaps in the regional economy and increasing the academic rigor of vocational instruction. Please follow the link to connect with us.

Has civic discourse changed in your schools?

Have recent cultural events and intense political debate changed policies in your district regarding civic discourse and instruction? If so, please share with us how your district is now addressing these issues. Please contact Angela Pascopella at

Math Fair's number games brings parents and students together

Matthew Peterson, CEO and co-founder of Mind Research Institute, is intent upon transforming the perception of math from intimidating to something that’s exciting and approachable. And the Math Fair is integral to this effort, giving attendees plenty of fun, hands-on mathematical experiences.

Spotlight on school solutions

This year, District Administration’s Readers’ Choice Top 100 Products features selections from more than 1,500 nominations that range from cutting-edge student information systems and cloud-based security to innovative gamification software and state-of-the-art classroom projectors.

Clark County superintendent expands 'franchise principal' initiative

Pat Skorkowsky, superintendent of Clark County School District in Nevada, has expanded a franchise principal concept in which successful principals take over management of multiple schools, replicating the same educational approach in each.

Shuttered schools offer teacher-housing solution

Bigger paychecks offered by wealthier suburban districts sometimes lure teachers away from St. Louis Public Schools. But a promising solution to a teacher-housing problem faced by many districts has emerged: St Louis schools' collection of more than two dozen vacant buildings.

Sketch of School Life: Inspiring medical career dreams

LAUSD’s 186th Street School jumps at a chance to expose primarily low-income students to the possibilities of a medical science career when a local health care provider offers a science enrichment curriculum for gifted-and-talented fifth-graders.

Product Focus: Life skills 101

K12 educators increasingly embrace life skills curricula that promote social-emotional learning, mindfulness, problem-solving and other soft skills. Many districts no longer view such programs as “nice to have,” but as essential components of overall instruction.

A superintendent's advanced aspirations

Superintendent Yolanda Valdez takes messaging seriously. Not emoji-filled texts or IMs, but messages that convey a goal for 4,000-plus students at Cutler-Orosi Joint USD in rural California: That they will attend college.

Blogging builds teacher effectiveness

The definition of an effective teacher remains in flux, and the evaluation process has morphed into numerous different assessments and observations. Fortunately, with the advent of new technologies, opportunities abound to broaden the evaluation process and to truly focus on teacher growth.